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Shaping together the future of tourism

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Christian MANTEI
Chief Executive Officer of Atout France,
President of the orientation committee of interviews of Vixouze

Every day, tourism contributes more and more to the economic attractiveness and the international influence of the territories.


7.4% of GDP ; More than 2 million direct and indirect jobs; One of the first surplus items in the balance of payments, how could it be otherwise ?

Innovation is no longer a debate, it is a requirement, a fact itself that is one of the major levers of our competitiveness and our ability to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive global market.


Uncertain geopolitics, rapidly changing climate and demographics, technological breakthroughs in shorter cycles, faster and cheaper transport… talking about innovation is not easy because the future is never safe, neither linear.


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He is one of the universes that are transforming faster than others are. He is one of forums that dare what bothers. Let the imagination take a few moments to overcome the rationality and the benevolent thoughts engender the opening of the imaginary.

Tourism is likely made; it asks to escape, to surpass itself in emotion and sometimes in the irrational.


Nevertheless, the main name «tourism» will disappear faster than the defeatists of the touristologists will !


The trades we know of him may not survive and many refuse to worry about them, for if their bodies travel, their thoughts are in the present or in the near future.

The interviews of Vixouze call for the rupture, the revolutions of thought, without restraint. They will sometimes seek in the distant past the future of our uses. They will open the doors of unusual, ultra-prospective debates.

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