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Shaping together the future of tourism

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Christian Mantéi’s Edito

Christian MANTEI
Chief Executive Officer of Atout France,
President of the orientation committee of interviews of Vixouze

Every day, tourism contributes more and more to the economic attractiveness and the international influence of the territories.
7.4% of GDP ; More than 2 million direct and indirect jobs; One of the first surplus items in the balance of payments, how could it be otherwise ?


Innovation is no longer a debate, it is a requirement, a fact itself that is one of the major levers of our competitiveness and our ability to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive global market.


Uncertain geopolitics, rapidly changing climate and demographics, technological breakthroughs in shorter cycles, faster and cheaper transport… talking about innovation is not easy because the future is never safe, neither linear.


«Big data-ised», augmented or virtual, hybridized, emotive and multi-sensory, solo or silver, eco-autonomous in energy, hyper-collaborative, multi-cultural and multigenerational ... all these qualifiers are likely to constitute some fundamentals of the tourist offerings of the future.


However, the main thing is not there.


To truly innovate tomorrow or afterwards, we must consider that it starts today and that any constraint can only be an opportunity to be transformed into a future asset. It is the DNA of Atout France, its members and a vast majority of tourism actors both public and private, ultra-dynamic VSB (Very Small Business) or international leaders.


This strength, let us mobilize to know how to profit fully by not being afraid sometimes of big ambitions because today not only the ideas exist but the funding also !